Community Committees

Standing Committees

Standing Committees are required to meet no less than one-time per year and submit a report of Committee business to the Board of Directors

Community Documents Rules and By-Laws Committee


The Community Documents Committee mission is to systematically review and organize documents that  present policies, rules and regulations and  make recommendations to the Board for modification, creation or deletion where necessary in these documents in order to keep the record of PRL policies up to date as well be made readily available to the community.


Environmental Committee

The mission of the Environmental Committee is to evaluate matters affecting the ecological order within PRL creating a sustainable and humane environment for animals, including people, promulgated by education, advocacy, and respect and compassion through committee programs which promote living in harmony with nature.

Finance Committee


The mission of the Finance Committee is to ensure that PRLPOA’s finances are maintained in sound condition, that sufficient funds are kept in reserve to provide for maintenance/replacement of Association common assets, and that proper financial controls/procedures are followed.

Grievance Committee


Provide timely and first administrative review to PRLPOA Homeowners, their Guests, and Contractors who protest or appeal determinations on citations issued by the PRLPOA Public Safety Department.


Maintenance Committee

The mission of the Maintenance & Planning Committee is to plan and propose facility and infrastructure improvement projects in accordance with PRL’s Capital Reserve Study and Strategic Plan, or, as directed by the Board.

Public Safety Committee 

The mission of the Safety Committee is to educate and promote the importance of having a safe and secure community.

Recreation Committee

The Mission of the Recreation Committee is to provide a variety of events and activities for the adults and children residing in PRL. The committee strives to bring joy and happiness to all.

Section 4 Water Advisory Committee

The mission of the Section 4 Water Advisory Committee is to oversee communication between PRL Board and the residents of Section 4 to insure that: (1) water quality conforms to specified standards, and (2) residents receive prompt and effective response to all service and billing problems.


Community Committees


Non-Standing Committees are not required to meet but submit reports for assigned projects and tasks to the Board of Directors