Permit Application



Permit #________________________        Date:__________________________________



Phone #:________________________ Alternate Phone #:___________________________


Contractor Name:___________________________Phone#:__________________________



Contractors Certificate of Liability Insurance must be submitted with this application.  If not received, a permit will not be issued. 


Description of work to be performed:_____________________________________________



General Requirements 1.7 – All additions and major alterations to existing structures require a Pocono Ranch Lands Building Permit regardless of whether work is to be done by a contractor or by the property owner.  Replacements or enlargements of existing decks require a permit; new decks require a permit.  Screen porches, sheds, gazebos, swimming pool, satellite dishes, bulk LP gas tanks, fuel oil tanks, etc. require a permit.  All fences require a permit.  A permit is required for metal roofs (no fee for the permit).  Only commonly accepted residential grade metal roofs are permitted.  Replacement of existing roofs with the same type of roofing material does not require a permit.

A Lehman Township permit is required for the following:

Additions – Major Alterations – New, Replacement or Enlargement of Decks – Sheds – Gazebos

Fences – Walls – Satellite Dishes – Pools


Homeowners Signature:_______________________________  Date:_________________



$35.00 Permit Fee paid by:       Cash                     Check #                   Credit Card



Employee Signature:___________________________________ Date:_________________


New Construction & Expansions – $50
Garages – $50
Accessory Buildings 200 sf or greater – $50
Accessory Buildings less than 200 sf – $25
Decks 144 sf or greater – $50
Decks less than 144 sf – $25
All Other Uses New Construction & Additions
Less than 2000 sf – $250
2000-4000 sf – $350
Greater than 4000 sf – $500
Signs, walls, satellite dishes, fences, pools etc.- $25