Stay safe when burning.  Check the following pages for information and guidance on burning.

Wildfire information

Observed Fire Danger by Count

Forecasted Fire Danger

Understanding Wildfire Danger Ratings 

In addition to the above guidance, there are rules for fires in PRL that must be followed….

Pocono Ranch Lands Property Owners Association Rules and Regulations

Rule 11 (page 6)

All fires within PRL must follow Lehman Township Burning Ordinance with the exception of campfires which will be permitted, but which will fall under the following rules:

  • Area designated for the fire must be cleared of all leaves & brush.
  • Fire must be enclosed by a non-combustible substance (i.e. rocks, blocks, or another non-flammable material).
  • All campfires require a responsible adult to be present at all times.
  • Homeowner is solely responsible for all campfires that take place on their property.
  • There must be a garden hose, fire extinguisher, or other water supply with sufficient quantity to control the fire, readily available.
  • There are to be no campfires if an active “Burn Ban” is in effect.
  • There are to be no campfires during periods of extreme wind.


PRL thanks you for your cooperation in keeping the community safe from wildfires