The Pocono Ranch Lands Rules and Regulations #8 Pets was amended as of July 11, 2020 

  1. All dogs in Pennsylvania, three months or older, must be licensed by January 1st of each year. State license tags must be displayed, and a record of rabies vaccination produced upon request by Public Safety.

You can apply online for a state license tag at

  1. All dogs must be registered with the Association. A numbered Association Identification Tag must always be displayed by the dog matching the registration.

Tags are $2.50 per dog

  1. All dogs must be confined to the dog owner’s property. When walked off the owner’s property, all dogs must be on a leash at all times. All pet waste must be immediately picked-up and properly disposed of.


  1. All dogs must be kept under the dog owner’s control at all times. The following will be deemed in violation of this rule:

A. Animals found roaming freely; or

B. Persistent barking; or

C. Behavior that is perceived as menacing to others, behavior that damages property, or                                   behavior that threatens the health and safety of others; or

D. Willful and obvious disregard for the safety of others, by repeated instances of permitting                             dogs to roam freely in community, whether on common area property or another                                            member’s property, will be deemed in violation of this rule.


  1. Any pet found roaming freely in the community will be picked up and retained for a reasonable period before being released to a local shelter or animal control officer. Any dog or cat found without identification will be deemed stray and immediately released to a shelter or animal control officer. All costs associated with shelters and/or animal control officers shall be the responsibility of the owner.

Assessments for violations:

Pets                                                  8, 1-3, (4A-C)                       $ 100.00  Amended 7/11/2020

Pets                                                    8 (4D)                                   $ 500.00  Amended 7/11/2020





Rules for ATV’s
Recycling Program Reinstated

March 2, 2020


Pocono Ranch Lands Recycling Program has been approved by the Board of Directors

Recycling will be available to all resident’s with properties in Good Standing (those that have not lost their trash use privileges for non-payment suspension) as of Saturday, March 7, 2020

Recycling will be open 8:30am – 4:00pm

First and Third Saturdays of Each Month

Any person(s) leaving recycle materials, containers or trash outside of the recycling area or outside the hours of operation will be issued a citation for unlawful dumping and fined for the offense

Recycling will be located at 109 Kens Woods Drive in the Pocono Ranch Land’s Kens Woods property. Directions:

Sections 1, 2, 3 and 5

From the gate at Minks Pond Road turn right onto Minks Pond Road, follow 1.7 miles

Turn right into Kens Woods Drive follow 413 feet to the recycling area on the left

Section 4

From the gate at Cardinal Drive turn left onto Krump Road, follow 1.1 miles

Turn right onto Minks Pond Road, follow .03 miles

Turn left into Kens Woods Drive follow 413 feet to the recycling area on the left

For complete information on what can be placed in the comingled, single stream recycling container, please visit Waste Management’s website with the two links: