About Us

Currently we boast 750 homeowners and 1,300 lot owners. In addition, the Association owns another 250+ lots in green belt areas that will never be improved upon to preserve the natural wooded environment. In addition to a paid staff of up to 25 persons, we are fortunate to utilize the services of many volunteers to assist with everything from newsletter preparation to clearing trails at the stable area. We have various Community Committees for owners to become involved in and assist the Association as it blossoms into an ever improving organization. We look forward to meeting all of the owners and suggest new owners to come by the office for a welcoming packet. Find out why Pocono Ranch Lands is a fun place to reside!

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to maintain a friendly “family-like” environment for our diverse association of individuals and families embracing the recreational and residential value of our community, with each community member understanding and respecting the unique nature within us all.

We shall support the overall efforts of the community to properly maintain and/or grow our amenities and infrastructure and allow all community members equal opportunity to safely and easily enjoy our recreational and residential assets.